Friday, June 9, 2017

ME Day!

Today is my "ME Day"!
I stay in pj's and will binge watch Netflix...woo-hoo!!!
Of course my hands will not be idle.  I'll be working on some Christmas crafts and other stuff as I sit back and relax.

 One of my fellow CDA Lady asked me to help her with a project she was working for her church.  Her church held a workshop and Sylvia was in charge of making 7 centerpieces for the tables
She had all of the supplies ready for us to start working on the centerpieces, and she was my assistant.
She had great confidence in my flower arrangement abilities, even after I told her that this particular craft was not something I had done before.  It was a great opportunity to spend time together and get to know each other.  I'm so blessed to have found a kindred spirit!

Sylvia assisted me, while I put them together...
 I worked with the floral supplies Sylvia had already purchased.
The first two were easy, ...

but the last one was not.  This is my least favorite. 


 Here we used some naturally dried roses Sylvia had saved.

 Getting a little better about using greenery and filling in the spaces.

 It was a great experience working on making these flower arrangements.  I learned some tips and tricks.
Sylvia was very happy with the outcome, and has asked me to help her make more for an event she's hosting at church in October...but this time we're going together shopping for the supplies, but will have a theme in mind!