Monday, January 26, 2009


It is time to pick oranges from our tree! We have an orange tree right outside our back patio, and this is the time to start picking oranges. This particular tree is a "juicer", meaning these are the oranges used in making orange juice that is sold in stores. I am sure it has a botanical name, but I don't recall it...
Here I'm filling up our basket with oranges. Hubby and I will juice the oranges and freeze the juice so we can drink it all through out most of the summer. The juice is sweet and delicious!
It will probably take us most of the week to pick all the oranges off the tree. We pick for about an hour or so each afternoon. Most of our neighbors have different variety of citrus trees: grapefruit, oranges, lemons, kumquats
Our community donates the excess citrus fruit to the local food bank. Later in the spring I will post a picture showing all of the fruit collected to be donated. You will be amazed!

Our plan for this coming weekend is to pick grapefruit. You don't need to add sugar to these juicy sweet fruit!