Sunday, March 7, 2010

Easter Tassel

Thanks to Marty's Thread Spool Tassel Tutorial I was able to create my very own tassel! I had the great pleasure to actually admire one in real life at our AZ Blogger Luncheon last October. Ever since then I have been wanting to make one myself.
Thank you Marty for the great tutorial!

Also, I had been following Kristen's gorgeous tassels. If you have a chance stop by her blog to admire her great artwork. Thanks Kristen for the great inspiration!

I was at Michael's on Friday during my lunch hour when I came upon some Easter egg ornaments...and right there and then the light came on...tassels! This is one of two more to go...

A couple of months ago I had stopped at a neighborhood garage sale, and bought a box full of sewing notions for almost nothing. When I got home I opened my box and found a treasure of old wooden thread spools! Oh my, so many more tassels!!!


  1. Oh you did such a beautiful job. I love the colors of the ribbons and the Easter Egg is gorgeous. Stunning. Love it. Hugs, Marty

  2. I can't wait to go read Marty's tutorial. I bought all the things I need to make one and I thought I could throw one together...Ha, not so!!

    I love yours!

  3. Hi Olivia, Your tassel turned out beautiful! I read Marty's wonderful tutorial. That is a great way to make them! I've seen them made all different ways...I make a bow and glue it upside down, then glue in some more ribbons to fill it out. That's probably the hard Thank you for mentioning me!! Kristen


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