Friday, March 5, 2010

Spring is in the Air

We are so lucky we are having such great weather...and this time of year everything starts to bloom...which is so unfortunate for us who suffer from allergies! Life is definitely not perfect!

This pot is so lucky to be in bloom, since it was spared by our so adorable very hungry bunnies and quail! That's right quail.
This particular pot survived our pesky critters, and I have already cut it back once!

These pots are finally blooming. I wish you could smell the sweet scent!
This weekend if weather permits it, I'm spending as much time as possible outdoors!


  1. Oh your flowers are so pretty! :) I need do some gardening!


  2. You are lucky to have flowers already. How pretty they are.
    You can come over anytime and get stuff from my attic.
    Nancy JO


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