Tuesday, July 19, 2016

By the Lake

About two weeks ago I had a wonderful visit from two of my oldest friends - Teri & Rose.
The first day they were in town we met in Downtown Minneapolis for lunch and catching up.
It was wonderful!
 The following day we made a Girlz Day Trip to Excelsior, MN.
I picked them up at Teri's daughter's apartment and we drove to our destination.  It was a beautiful sunny cool day...just perfect for a Girlz Day out!!!

*No I don't have a black eye.  I have no idea how that black spot got there...hehehe...and don't know how to remove it*

We walked around Main Street and we browsed through the gorgeous shops in town.  Later we had a very relaxing and delicious lunch by Lake Minnetonka at Maynards.  To finish off our day there, we took an hour boat ride and tour of the Lake.
The Ladies really enjoyed their day out, and I was so pleased to see that they did.

On our way back to their place, we had to make a pit stop..but of course what every tourist to the City must do if you're old enough to remember The Mary Tyler Moore Show... 

I cannot stress enough how very pleasant this day was!
Thank you Rose and Teri for coming and spending time together!  See you in October!