Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Thrifty Sales

It has been a while since I last went garage sale-ing, and I was so happy to come home with great finds!

Pictures frames and one very pretty butter pat dish...from $1 to 25 cents.
A hanging wooden wall shelf painted in white,  and a mirror backed shelf curio cabinet wall hanging display for $3 each.  The mirror curio is missing its two shelves, but Hubby will help me fix that.
 I'm always looking for brand new cloth napkins, and I found a set of four brand new 100% cotton at 50 cents each.
 A brand new metal rack wall hanging display for $1.  I haven't yet decided where this is going.
 A slightly used flatware drawer caddy for a whole dollar, and last but not least...drum roll please...
a 3-drawer cabinet that fits perfectly between the stove and fridge in our tiny summer house kitchen.  It was just $5!!!  I plan on adding a large cutting board or maybe have a piece of wood cut to size to place atop of it, and add more counter space.

I came home so happy!!!


  1. I bought the very same mirrored curio cabinet for $2.00 at a yard sale. Only mine is a dark mahogany color. Your narrow drawers that fit perfectly in that little space is AMAZING. You did well! It looks like it has always been there!

    1. Thank you Cheryl!!! I'm still so happy about my treasures!

  2. Wow you did get a great hall and those prices are outstanding, those frames will look great on your shelf. How lucky was it to find that set of drawers to fit perfectly in your kitchen, a cutting board sounds perfect on top!

  3. Perfect fit with your new "cabinet"! Sweet frames. It is nice to find things we "need" at garage sales! The estate sale I went to last week was so good!
    The rain brought down the temp & humidity...feels good outside.


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