Friday, July 22, 2016

Mary Is In Town

 My friend Mary is in town...woo..hoo!!!
When I first moved to Sun City back in 2007, I was still working and did not get a chance to really meet other people/neighbors and become friends with.  Hubby and I have really wonderful neighbors, but some of them were still working, had health issues or were not very active.

Once I retired, the best thing I ever did was joined the Ladies Guild at Church (last October) where I have met several great Ladies and now friends, and my small world has changed for good!

Mary and I clicked the minute she joined the Guild!  We  have several things in common and enjoy doing almost the same things.
Once we started talking and getting to know each other, we discovered she lives right down the block from me.  Also, she's from MN and grew up and lived right near us here in Golden Valley, MN.
Long story short, we have become very close, very active and are making new friends in Sun City.

She's here in MN for a month to get away from our AZ heat, and spend time with her Dad and family; and we get to spend time together as well.
The picture above is from last Tuesday morning right after our round of golf.  We were honing our golfing skills  for a women's golf event later in the week!

Thank you Lord for sending me a good friend!