Saturday, July 9, 2016

Cheap Date Night

This summer Hubby and I are making a point of going out and about in the Cities.  We find things to do that we have never done before, and we are enjoying it so far.

One of the things we did last month was go on a Cheap Date Nite at Bryan-Lake Bowl!
This was Hubby's pick to do that week, and it turned out to be really fun!

Tom's brother Chip and his wife Jan joined us.  Of course the "Boyz" didn't go for the special, but Jan and I did.  Our meal was okay, but theirs was much better!

After our dinner, we played a game of bowling which was so much fun!!!  We found out Jan is a great bowler!!!  She came in first place.
I on the other hand had not bowled in more than 20+ years and it showed!  I was so lucky I was not asked to leave, since I somehow managed to let the ball slip out of my fingers and went flying in the opposite direction.  I was so grateful I did not harm anyone...:-(
Chip was second place...
Hubby was third place, and of course I came in last.
I can honestly say it was a great evening!