Saturday, July 16, 2016

Not So Cheap Date

Hubby and I are continuing to get to explore Minneapolis' sights and food!
Here we are on a Not So Cheap Date at Smack Shack!
A week earlier we had come here for their happy hour with Tom's brother Chip and his wife Jan.  Actually Jan introduced us to this great restaurant!

The food is to die for and the ambience is great; and even better the weather was perfect!!!
The reason I call it a Not So Cheap Date is because Hubby and I decided to go back on Saturday instead of their happy hour, but so worth it!!!!

Hubby and I share a Lobster Boil...highly recommend it; and ...

Hubby had Bluepoint Oysters.
Since we were feasting, we also had to have something sweet to finish off our meal!  Our waitress recommended a super delicious and scrumptious Red Devil cake covered in ganache and a side of some Boston Creme sauce....YUM!!!

We are going back for sure, but for Happy Hour though...LOL!!!

Oh by the way...on our way back to catching our bus back home, Hubby had to make a restroom pit stop which cost him a little extra.  So while waiting for him at The Grand Hotel in Minneapolis' lobby, I was sitting right across the bar and decided to finish off the day with my favorite cocktail: Makers Mark & Coke.

Grateful & Thankful


  1. Sounds like you had a great day out!!

    1. We did Connie!!! It had been a while since Hubby and had been on a true date!

  2. I love lobster and I will get there with my hubby this summer!

    1. You must Deb!!! It was delicious. BTW...check out their website. They're having a Crayfest on August 20th. We're planning on going.

  3. Oh that sure does look yummy! I wonder how close that is to the Mall of America?

    1. Hi Deb! I don't know the distance, but you can easily take the train from Mall of America to Downtown Minneapolis, and then from there take a bus (super short ride and easy) to Smack Shack. Maybe I'll be here and I can join you!!!

  4. Wow that lobster dish looks so good. Sounds like you had a great time and good food. :)


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