Thursday, July 21, 2016

My Day with Garage Sale Gal

Last week Deb and I met for our our second annual card and craft get-together at her place.  Deb, aka Garage Sale Gal, and I met through blogging, and last summer was the first time we ever met.

Here we are taking a selfie in front of her famous and beautiful mantle!
Deb worked on making these very pretty cards, while I worked on an altered book journal for my sister.  I had the great pleasure of getting to see her craft room, and let me tell you, it's a Girl's dream come true!!!  I wish I had taken a pic, but you can go here and take a little peek yourself.  I want one just like it!!!
Deb is the greatest hostess as well.  She prepared a delicious chicken salad wrap sandwich and served it on very pretty Red Wing salad dishes; and we drank lemonade on gorgeous retro glasses with lemons printed all over the glasses.  I love how she uses what she collects...I'm copying that Deb!

Deb was so sweet and presented me with this beautiful little packaged gift filled with lots of goodies.
I just love the tag Deb made for me.  Isn't this tag just too adorable!!!
Deb: please don't be surprised if in the near future you see an almost near replica of your pretty tag.

Thank you so much Deb for a great day spent together and getting to know you better.  Hope we get to see each other again before I go back to Arizona.


  1. How fun to spend time with bloggy pals! I miss those days when I used to get together with some of my bloggy friends for whole weekends of crafting and hanging out!
    sweet tag by the way!

  2. I enjoyed our crafting day too! Thank you for the flowers. We will get together again before you go to AZ! Keep cool today. I'm going to the movie with my grandgirl!

  3. How sweet you both look. Sounds like you enjoyed your day very much.
    xx Beca

  4. Glad you had a great day enjoying each others company and doing a little crafting!


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