Saturday, January 17, 2015

Me Time

The GYM!!!
Not one of my favorite words at all.  I have never truly enjoyed exercising...who does?!?  But after a second time hearing from my doctor that "30 minutes a day of walking, 5 times per week" it's good for was time.  
What really prompted me to go back to the gym is in hopes that I would be able to get a good night's sleep.  I never had issues with sleep before.  It's the worst feeling not being able to sleep!!!  I have tried everything to trick me back into sleep, but nothing worked.
So far so good and I'll be honest, I'm actually enjoying it!  It clears my mind, it makes me get out of the house for a couple of hours, see/meet other people, and at the end of my routine, I feel really good!!!
This is the other reason as well!!!
I want to make exercising fun by not overdoing it and getting bore by it!  I'm alternating my exercise routine between the treadmill (random setting), elliptical machine (random setting) and some upper body weights.
We're lucky enough that we have several nice Rec Centers in our Community with heated pools/spas and all other kinds of amenities, that I have not been taking part of. 
Yesterday was such a gorgeous beautiful sunny warm day, that I treated myself to dipping in the pool and catching some rays...of course right after my workout.
It was heavenly!
This was our sunset last night!  It was breathtaking!
I took this picture right before we left for dinner.  We met my sister and her family for a really good Chinese dinner and had a really wonderful time.  
Little simple pleasures in life make my life whole!