Monday, January 26, 2015

Super Bowl?

Are you ready for Super Bowl Sunday?
Hubby is!!!  He's having a couple of his friends over to watch the game and they're all male!!!  Testosterone off the roof!!!
I like watching football, but with a room full of men it's just too much for my poor little ears!!!
I've decided to spend the day with Mom.  I think shopping would be nice!

 Well off to crafting!
It's never too late to start making Christmas cards!  Why wait til the last minute like I always do?
I've decided that it would be nice to at least create one Christmas card per week, so as the Holidays approach, I'll have a nice stash...and ready to be mailed out.
I literally used bits & pieces from my Christmas basket to create this card.  It makes me feel good that I didn't run out to the craft store to get more stuff!!!  I'm getting to become so frugal.
~interior of card~