Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Thrifty Shopping

Do you have days where you just need to get out of the house and go window shopping?
I had one those days yesterday and it was fun!  I didn't expect to buy anything, but most of the time I never come home empty handed!

 I went to one of my favorite local Thrift Stores and I hit the jackpot!!!  
50%  Off Day!!!  I love going to this one store, because I always find interesting and nice things to craft with.
I found this handmade crochet border edging which I will definitely use.  I have always wanted to add a crochet border to a white flat sheet and make it look a little vintage.
 I also found these beautiful lace embellishments!
Last week I was complaining (or more like feeling sorry for myself) because I didn't have any rick rack to use for a card!
Also I'm stocking up on seam binding which I use as ribbon in my cards/projects!

All in all, it was a great day yesterday!