Thursday, August 1, 2013

Crochet Table Runner

I had always wanted to try to make a table runner or dresser scarf using the filet crochet method, but I wasn't very good crocheting with thinner thread other than regular yarn.  I finally gave it a try, and this is what I ended up with:
 I found the pattern on Pinterest.  The pattern has no name, so I've called it the Rose Table Runner.
I took me some time, but I kept on working on it, even though I had to unravel several rows, several times, due to my mistakes.


  1. What a beautiful runner! And you did a lovely job of it! Just found your blog this morning; will keep checking in with you, and thanks for the link to the pattern. I LOVE thread crochet! Kathy

  2. I was looking for a design for my mother who wanted to crochet a table runner. I found the pattern a few days ago and the project is under way. Today I found this blog of yours and showed her the table runner that you made. We both loved it. Looks very neat and cute.

  3. This is beautiful. Can you answer a few questions. Did you use double crochets? and When you made the mesh did you do double crochet, ch2 (sk 2) and double crochet?

  4. Hi Olivia! Just found your blog! Love it! I tried searching for the pattern of the rose runner, but have had no luck! Would you, by any chance still have the link for it?
    TIA! Have a great day!


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