Monday, August 5, 2013

Garden Inspiration

One weekend while garage saling, Laura (Hubby's cuz) and I came across this gorgeous antique stove!
We fell in love with it!!!
This stove belonged to the owner's mother.  Her nephew, who is now the owner of the farm back in Wisconsin where she grew up, asked the family if anyone was interested in having it; and she was the only who wanted it!
The Lady of this treasure is an avid gardener.  I love how she uses kitchen pots as planters.  I wish I had taken pictures of her garden.  It is impressive!
Now Laura and I are trying to find one for our garden! 
Laura kept a secret from me.  She has been buying/collecting enameled kitchen pots for her garden!  Shocking!!!  I don't know if we should go garage saling together anymore.  Nah!...We will just have to see who's best at spotting treasures (junk) for our garden!!!