Saturday, August 10, 2013

Flowers by Tom

Yesterday afternoon, Hubby went out and cut some phlox from our flower garden, and made this gorgeous impressive flower arrangement!
 Phlox is a perennial and it has been blooming for the past several weeks.
 Hubby added a couple of lilies for a pop of color, and some fern leaves as well!
 These phlox come in several shades of pinks.
 The phlox have a sweet and soft fragrance and our home smells divine.
Thank you Tom for the beautiful bouquet!
The picnic table was handmade by Tom's grandfather.  Grandpa Ohlson did not use nails!  We decided that it would look great in our dining area. 

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  1. A very belated Happy Pink Saturday, Olivia. I am very happy you joined us, and I hope you will participate often.

    Your flower arrangement is stunning. Your husband definitely is a keeper. My husband often brings cut flowers in from our yard, too.


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