Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Summer Crochet Afghan

At the beginning of this year, after all of the retirement/Thanksgiving/Christmas hoopla, I was like now what!?! 
So I decided to give myself some adjustment time to get used to the idea that from now on, I'm a free woman...LOL!!!
I would get up late, have my coffee and actually enjoy it while it was still hot.  Read the paper and discuss topics of interest with Hubby.  I started going for walks or bike rides with Jack at any time of day.  I actually started to enjoy exercising on the elliptical machine (or the killer machine as I call it) at the rec center; or if it was a nice sunny warm day, go to the pool and sunbathe, read or actually get in the pool.  And most importantly, take sweet afternoon naps and decompress.
But my busy hands/fingers needed something constructive to do as well while watching TV.  So while I was following the circus of Jodi Arias' trial (she-devil) and couldn't stop watching, I started to crochet a light summer afghan for my summer stay in Minnesota.
 I chose a light airy yarn in this green color for our bedroom here in our summer home.
 I also wanted an easy pattern I could follow without having to constantly check count and stitches.  It turn out really nice, if I may say so myself, and it is perfect to drape over while taking an afternoon nap or reading in bed when it gets chilly here.
This is Jack on my lap while I was working on the afghan letting me know it was time to stop whatever I was doing, and it was time for HIM and some well deserved love!!!  I simply adore Jack!