Friday, August 8, 2014

Sewing Pains!!!

I started making a well planned burlap table runner with some fabric embellishment, BUT it didn't go as planned.
So I ended up with three!!!
 Not so confident now with my newly learned sewing skills :-(
 This table runner was my third and final attempt at making a decent table runner for our dining room table. was supposed to be this one on our dining table.
I placed it on this table so that all my horrible ugly sewing mistakes wouldn't be so visible.
I measured, cut, ironed, pinned and started sewing.  Everything looked and felt so promising...
Until...I have no idea what happened...but the fabric was not aligning itself properly to the burlap...
and from then on, it all went downhill, and that is how I ended up with 3 table runners.
I blame it all on the BURLAP...bad bad bad.
 Table runner 3...bleh...
  On the bright side, the dining room looks a little bit more pulled together, and...
with the remaining fabric, I made myself a coaster!