Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Tomatoes & Garden

So far, this summer has been absolutely perfect!
Of course, nothing is peachy keen, but close to it!  The garden is doing wonderfully and looking much better than it had in years.
Hard work pays off!
 Hubby's tomatoes are growing, and can't wait for them to turn red!
Fresh homemade salsa in the near future!
 The phlox is in full bloom and the scent is so faint and so sweet!
 My daisies are blooming a second time.  Cheerful sunny flower.
 One of my backyard projects is almost done.  We have been little by little covering up this area with lots of mulch.  Less mowing for Hubby and hopefully I can grow ferns and hostas under the pine trees.
 We have been saving all of the heavy cardboard boxes and heavy plastic bags to cover the grass and lay mulch over it.  Every time we run errands and we are near a Home Depot or Menard's, we pick up enough bags of mulch that we can haul home.  I'm also on the lookout for rocks to edge around this mulched never stops!
I was surprised to still find blooming lilies in our flower garden.
OH!  I forgot...fried green tomatoes in our near future, too!