Monday, August 18, 2014

Sunflower Wreath

I was so inspired by Priscilla's sunflower wreath she made a couple of weeks ago, that I made one for our home.
 I had found a wreath at a garage sale in early June for $2 (and now wished I had picked up more of them).  It had been used as part of a wedding decor.
The sunflowers I got at Jo-Ann's on $ale.  I picked up 3 bunches all of the same size.
 I used every single sunflower and all of the leaves, and hot glued them around the wreath.  I wasn't able to find a pretty ribbon to add to my wreath at Jo-Ann's or in my stash that I like.  I used a long piece of jute rope to hang it in place.
It was so easy  to put together!!!
In looking out. 
I just love all of those twirly tendrils from the wreath.
I think it looks great hanging from the window rather than the door.  This sunflower wreath adds so much more color to the front of our home!
And like Priscilla mentioned in her post, this kind of wreath can also be displayed for
September; and I already have the perfect ribbon for it!