Friday, August 15, 2014

House Plants & Pots

Last weekend was a very successful garage sale hunting.  Everything I found had great prices, and I have found a new life and a home for it all!!!
 I had been wanting to transplant 4 of our houseplants into new and bigger pots.  These plants all belonged to my in-laws and they're pretty old!
The above pot was only $3, and had never been used.
 This brown pot and the blue pot below were $2 each.
The poor plant roots were so compacted in their old clay pots.  I added new soil and fertilizer to all of the plants, and so far they have not shown any transplant shock.   
 Now this pot I got it at Menard's (all of their pots are on sale).  I think it was like $7 and it looked perfect for this plant in our living room.
Back in May, I moved this plant closer to the front windows in the living room and it has really thrived.  It was pretty interesting to find out that it shoots vines.  The poor thing was in a tiny clay pot and it's a wonder that it's still alive.  Now I'm on the hunt for a trellis to stick in the pot so the vine wraps itself around it.

I'm hoping to hit some garage sales tomorrow Saturday, and hopefully I'll find new treasures I can use.