Thursday, August 14, 2014

Brick Patio on the Works

For the last two months, I've been working on a brick patio for our backyard all by myself.
As all of my projects begin, they are simply an uncomplicated plan, but usually turn out to be more than I can chew.  It has been a work in progress: heavy hard work and broken long nails!!!  
 Ta...da...almost done!
I have to pick up 12 more very heavy 16"x16" brick pavers at Menard's to complete my project.  
One of my complaints about Menard's is that they don't have enough people to help you load or unload stuff to your car; or it takes too long for someone to come out and help you out.  So in my case, I just do it myself, and have been picking up 4-6 pavers at a time.
Last year I found this patio set and umbrella stand at a garage sale for $20; and last week I picked up the blue umbrella at Pier 1 on sale.
I plan on painting the patio set in bright bright yellow and finish adding a flower/plant garden around the patio.