Friday, August 22, 2014

MN Polish Festival

Discovering Minnesota
Couple of Sundays ago, Hubby and I attended a local Polish Festival held at Pracna on Main in Minneapolis.
The entertainment was wonderful!  All songs were in Polish.  We didn't understood a word of it, but the songs sounded so cheerful and contagious.  Most of the audience would sing-a-long to some of the songs or dance to them as well.

One of my favorites was the Polka band, and watching the great polka dancers on the floor.  It made me want to learn polka, so I just chair danced.
I love small attending festivals like this and appreciating the beauty of other cultures and connection to our neighbors.
The street where the festival took place had very interesting buildings, and one of them was this little church tucked away.
Here's a picture of me.  I don't like pictures of me at all, but Hubby insisted!
Right next to the festival you could hear the water flow by on the Mississippi River.
Hubby promised to take me here for brunch sometime soon.  I've been craving a mimosa!
I love red brick streets and when cities try to preserve some of the charm of long ago.