Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Ticking Pillowcase

While out shopping for good quality pillowcases, I was shocked at the prices...even when I was looking for sales!!!
So...I had no choice but to learn and make my own!
My very first handmade pillowcase!
 I wanted to start out with a simple pattern that I could follow and not be too complicated.  I found several pillowcase tutorials on Pinterest, and chose Jen Graham's simple standard pillowcase tutorial (Graham Like the Cracker).  The tutorial was perfect for me.
I wanted my pillowcase to look really finished, and learned how to sew a French Seam.
Eventually, when I'm done with both pillowcases, I will add a crochet edge around it to finish it off (like picture above)!

I'm already thinking that these type of pillowcases would be great as Christmas gifts!!!


  1. So right, pillows are expensive. I made my own several years ago. I had 4 floppy feather pillows for our queen-sized bed and wanted to combine them to make 2 pillows. I bought pillow ticking from Joanne Fabrics online site and then I proceeded to sew. I had researched pillow sizes. I double sewed the outer edge hems to have sturdiness to hold up. I didn't want seams to open up and have feathers all over the place. The worst part was opening the old pillows and transferring feathers, well I did that in my kitchen and no matter how I tried to avoid mess, it still happened. Had the weather been nice I would have done this messy job outside, but it was one of those things I saved for a rainy day. I was happy though with the results. I now have a feather bed that I bought years ago for my youngest daughter, yeah, she "just had to have it" and I spent good money for it. It lasted on her bed about a month and when she got tired of fluffing it daily when making her bed, she threw it in a corner of her closet. I had it dry cleaned and put it in a large garbage bag, stored it in one of my closets. She does not want it. I see pillows it it's future, lol.
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)

  2. How pretty and what a good idea...and another way to use lace. I love it!

  3. I love pretty pillowcases! I have made a lot of seasonal ones for my grands. I just recently made one with a French seam. I'd have to watch the u tube again to remember how. Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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