Monday, August 11, 2014

Munching Plant Kitties

I had a fun and very productive weekend!!!
I finally finished several little projects around the house and garden, and continue to make progress in others!
This makes me feel so good!

For the fun part of my weekend, Hubby and I had a very nice afternoon at yesterday's local yearly Polish festival.  The weather was perfect and the entertainment and food was great!  What I enjoyed most, was watching the couples dance to polkas...wish Hubby and I knew how to dance like that.
 The icing on my great weekend, was finding this planter at a nearby garage sale!  I had been wanting one for so long!
It's in great condition!
It's perfect to hold several sad plants that our cats just love to nip on!  It's high enough and difficult for the kitties to jump up on it, and make themselves comfortable to munch on the plants.
I knew where I would place it in the house...
Plenty of daylight sun, and hopefully the plants will thrive and get really lush and big before summer ends!