Friday, August 14, 2015

Crochet Button Flowers

I recently saw this kind of crochet button flower embellishments and I thought how clever and cute!  They can be used to make paperclip bookmarks, embellished cards, for Pocket Letters, tags and so many more other uses.
So I sat down and put myself to the task to learn how to create them, and made several in different colors, patterns and styles.

I used real buttons in different sizes from my collection: 2-hole and 4-hole buttons; new & old.  I used Craft & Fun picture tutorial and it was super easy to follow (the instructions are in Italian).  Once I learned the basic first round, I tweaked it where I made some changes.  Also I made up crochet flowers and for others I used crochet flower patterns I found on Ravelry.
  • for the 4-hole button I added 2 stitches in one-hole, and on the next hole I did one stitch, and repeated it once more
  • for the 2-hole button I did 3 stitches on each one-hole (I did this so that the stitches would look more even in the center & not off)
  • I added or subtracted chains between stitches around button (depending on the size of button)

As a finishing touch I sewed a smaller button or bead to center of each flower.
Now on to the next project...use these flowers in projects.

Have a wonderful day!!!


  1. Cute...can you make mini pumpkins? They would be so cute in a PL

  2. You surely are a very clever DIY type of gal! Those flowers are so cute and could be used on a variety of projects. Are you Italian, Olivi? I thought maybe you were Swedish, but Ohlson is a married name, isn't it?
    Well, whatever. I'm Italian and Welsh. But in the end, we are all just
    good ol' Americans, right?
    Hugs, Judy


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