Thursday, August 13, 2015

Getting Fit

I have joined Nancy's weekly Walk With Me's get togethers.  This activity has motivate me to go out and move.  It's about an hour of walking with breaks to stretch in beautiful outdoor city parks/woods.  Also Nancy is wonderful in sharing with us free exercise advice and nutrition.  The time simply flies and we all feel so refreshed at the end.
It has been a wonderful experience and I have started walking on a daily basis again...with our pets!!!

Have a wonderful day!


  1. That sounds and looks like FUN!!! I know that our dogs just LOVE their walks...just don't do it everyday...

  2. I used to walk last year by a pretty park with a lovely river running thru it. Hubby and I would walk for 45 min. Now this year I've been so lazy getting up in the morning at around 7:30 to get dressed for walking, but yes, I love it, once I sart.
    You girls are having fun and you go girls!

  3. Good for you! Walking with other people really makes it more enjoyable and the time goes by so quickly that way. I roll out of bed every morning and the first thing I do is go for my daily walk ~ without it I don't feel as well. It is such a good thing to add to your health regime. Keep it up!


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