Friday, August 28, 2015


 Twice in less than a week, I have been surprised and blessed by kind giving people.

About 3 years ago, I had stopped at a garage sale and bought some bricks to use to edge around flower beds in our garden.  Milda, garage lady, shared that she would eventually be getting rid of more bricks and pavers, and asked me if I was interested in getting more.  So we exchanged contact information.

And out of the blue she gave me a call!  I was really surprised that after all this time she would remember me!
 Her call was timed perfectly!

Last year I put together this patio in our backyard, and that's as far as it got.  I kept thinking that maybe if I added more pavers, it would be more comfortably spacious to entertain at least 2 more people besides us.
So Milda and I scheduled a day I could stop by her place and pick up the pavers and bricks.  It took me 2 round trips to her place to pick them all up.
I came home and placed them around existing patio.  I still have to finish up this project though.  I need to get some sand so I can level all new pavers and not trip over them.  Also add more plants around area and spruce it up a bit.

I'll be honest, I haven't been too motivated to go out and garden this summer.  I simply can't get myself to go out there and get my fingers dirty.  Maybe once the weather turns more fallish like, I'll push myself out there and prepare the garden for the upcoming spring.

These two events made me think how lucky I am that people I've come across in my life, would take the time to even think of me.  I appreciate their selfless generosity and thoughtfulness.
I must pay it forward!


  1. How sweet of her to contact you. The patio looks so pretty. I haven't wanted to do much gardening in this HEAT either but had to since Joe had hip replacement surgery last month. So, I was doing all the stuff he usually does, and now I REALLY appreciate all he does!!!

  2. That was so thoughtful and nice to get more pavers. The patio looks so nice.
    Yes you can use salmon as a substitute for the tuna recipe.
    Enjoy the weekend.
    Julie xo

  3. Oh, how wonderful~ I love people like that! Your patio is lovely. Our summer here in New England has been so hot that I haven't done much outside at all. Just today when I was changing the hummingbird sugar water in our feeders I said the same thing to myself, when it gets a little cooler I'll get out here and do a little something! Thanks so much for your comment on my studio office makeover and our fur babies!!

  4. How lovely the lady contacted you about the pavers. Thank you for commenting on my posts. I cannot personally email you because you show up as a no reply commenter.

  5. Well, what a delightful surprise, dear Oliva :) The world truly is filled with precious people {{smiles}} Have a lovely weekend! Hugs

  6. That is very sweet of her...I also haven't had the energy to do yard work...the weeds are out of control. I'm waiting for cooler weather too!

  7. It is always such a nice feeling when someone surprises you with their kindness and generosity, I had a similar thing and and it left me with such warmth. People can be truly wonderful.

  8. I am not a gardener in the least. I barely pull a weed; neither does my husband ( he is too busy and tired after work). We really need to invest some money into our yard. The crabgrass and weeds have gotten away from us! Yours looks lovely!
    I mailed the envelope!

    1. Thank you Deb!!! I'll be mailing yours out this coming Monday. I'm adding some final touches!

  9. Oliva, your patio turned out just lovely. And as for paying it forward, you already have!
    Hugs, Judy

  10. How beautiful, both your sweet little sitting area with the flower garden lining it, and the kindness of this lady.
    You have been blessed in deed! I'm sure for her it was a blessing to do what she did.

    I love to be outside playing in the gardens! I believe I got that love from my dear grand-mother who so enjoyed her gardens. Grandma Maxie was my fathers mother, she passed away last October. I hope to be like her as I grow older, she lived to be 98.

    It's lovely to visit with you, Oliva. :)
    Joy! Debbie


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