Saturday, August 15, 2015

Crochet Coffee Cozies

 For the last couple of weeks I have been working on making several crochet coffee sleeve cozies out of worsted yarn.  I think that this kind of yarn is perfect for hot beverages.
 I even appliqued a crochet heart on each cozy!
I did a little research on Ravelry and Pinterest for cozy patterns, and then I set myself to kind of create my own.  Super easy to make!
This is my version:
  • Chain 12; half-double crochet on third chain and half-double crochet to end.  Turn, chain 1 and half-double crochet on same stitch; 9 half-double crochet to end.  Repeat for 22 rows.  I measure around cup to make sure it will fit around.   
  • From here you can decide if you want to add edge on bottom of cozy, and then crochet to close cozy, and finally add top crochet edge or other edge of your choice.  I use same yarn from beginning to end.  I cut off yarn once I'm all done with cozy.

 I used leftover yarn from my stash, but now I'm ready to buy different colors of yarn...I kind of get bored using the same color yarn over and over...but then I'll run into same cycle...and no matter what, I'll end up with more yarn!!!
 I used Salt for the Spirit's heart pattern.
 After using one of my worsted yarn cozy for my iced water bottle during some humid days, I found out it would be better to make some using cotton yarn.  Cotton yarn will definitely absorb the sweaty cup moisture.  This is the beginning of it and still working on it.
I think these cozies will make great little stocking stuffers for Christmas!

Have a wonderful day!!!