Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Paris in Browns & Creams Swap

Today I'm posting my very first Pocket Letter ever made.  Mayra  my swap partner from Puerto Rico received it yesterday.
 The theme for this swap was Paris in Browns & Creams.

~top row~
 I created 9 Paris related ATC's for the front of the PL.



~back of PL~
In the back I added the required things to make this a PL: letter, tag, About Me, ephemera, tea, stickers, sequins, and washi tape.  I also included some handmade crochet flowers and bow (turned into a paper clip), extra tags, and other bits & bobs.
...and last but not least I decorated the side of the PL with ribbon, lace, crochet flower and a big France tag.
I had a lot of fun making this PL for Mayra.
Tomorrow I will be posting Mayra's PL for's beautifully stunning!!!

My one frustrating thing is that I don't have my scrapbooking & stamping supplies at hand here in MN.  I had to go out shopping for most of it which was fun, but I would be like, "...well I have this at home, and I wish I had this here...".

Have a wonderful day!