Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Crochet Tags

I have been playing around with tags. 
I am using old greeting cards and turning them into tags.  
I added a crochet edge trim at bottom of tag to embellish it.  It was a simple crochet pattern, but it wasn't as easy to crochet on card stock as it is on fabric. 

I'm posting this using my iPhone. Our computer here is having issues & hopefully can be repaired.  Last week our old fridge died & had to be replaced.  It seems like once a week something has to be fixed or replaced...πŸ˜’

Have a wonderful day!


  1. Cute idea!! Bummer about the refridge...

  2. Wow, once a week repairs or replacements can be expensive.
    Those tags are so original and unique! How very cute and clever. We are dying here in Phoenix, it has been so hot! Don't come back here now, you would not like it! But I'm looking forward to Fall, as we always do here in Phoenix. I'm already following Yvonne's advice from Stone Gable and doing some things to "get ready for Fall" ahead of time. Actually, it's designed to just get your mind off the heat! Well, any way we can do that, it's just fine in my book!
    Are your hydrangeas and lilies still blooming?
    Hugs, Judy from AZ

  3. They turned out very nice. Love the crochet embellishments too.
    xx Beca


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