Friday, August 21, 2015

PhDs vs WIPs

PhDs vs WIPs
Projects half Done vs Works In Progress

It seems that just about everybody is expecting the arrival of the stork!
So I thought to myself...wouldn't it be nice if I would get a head start and start making some crochet baby blankets!  That way when the baby arrives I have their blanket ready.

Well...that was a nice thought, but running out of yarn on the middle of a crochet project, procrastination, interruptions and other projects got in the way!!!
Not only that, every time I would go to the yarn store to buy more yarn to finish the projects, I would come home with a different color or type of yarn.  Is this a sign of senility, ADD,...???  Argh...!!!

I have set myself a goal to finish all 4 of these baby blankets in 2 weeks time...yikes!!!  I can do it...I can do it...I can do it...
So off to the yarn shop I go, and this time I'm taking all of these PhDs with me so I can get the right yarn.  Once I get home with yarn in tow these baby blankets will become WIPs!

PS: must get yarn for a girly baby blanket

Have a wonderful day!!!