Friday, August 21, 2015

PhDs vs WIPs

PhDs vs WIPs
Projects half Done vs Works In Progress

It seems that just about everybody is expecting the arrival of the stork!
So I thought to myself...wouldn't it be nice if I would get a head start and start making some crochet baby blankets!  That way when the baby arrives I have their blanket ready.

Well...that was a nice thought, but running out of yarn on the middle of a crochet project, procrastination, interruptions and other projects got in the way!!!
Not only that, every time I would go to the yarn store to buy more yarn to finish the projects, I would come home with a different color or type of yarn.  Is this a sign of senility, ADD,...???  Argh...!!!

I have set myself a goal to finish all 4 of these baby blankets in 2 weeks time...yikes!!!  I can do it...I can do it...I can do it...
So off to the yarn shop I go, and this time I'm taking all of these PhDs with me so I can get the right yarn.  Once I get home with yarn in tow these baby blankets will become WIPs!

PS: must get yarn for a girly baby blanket

Have a wonderful day!!!


  1. I am just like that with projects too. They will be pretty baby blankets when finished. I do know what you mean about all the mentioned though. Lol.
    Enjoy your weekend.
    Julie xo

  2. No, Oliva, you just "normal" like the rest of us. I'm writing to tell you why you haven't received my package yet. Last week Joshua got the flu, something he does at the beginning of every school year, as soon as he gets around other kids. Well, then I got it and we were both down for the whole week. I kept saying I can make it to the po tomorrow, just know I can, but nope, I didn't get to the post office and you package is still here on my kitchen table. Hopefully, you will receive it next week. I'm so sorry it's late. I am still enjoying all my goodies. My girl friends came over the day after I received my pretty coasters and I whooped out my coasters for them and they ooo'd and aaa'h. I was so pleased. The baby blankets look gorgeous and I'm sure you will meet your goal. You are a real go getter!
    Hugs, Judy


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