Thursday, July 31, 2014

Accomplished Goal

My sweet Jack sporting his 4th of July scarf!
I set myself a goal for the month of July.
It was to post daily, and I did it!
At first it wasn't too hard, but as the month went along, I became so busy that I had to force myself to take time out and sit down and post my goings and comings.
As I reviewed my posts for this month, I was pretty impressed by how many things I accomplished.
I hope the month of August will be a productive one as well.  I have so many things going on, and I just pray that I can get them all done before cold weather gets here.
I've been working on building a small patio in the backyard; getting a garden plot ready to transplant peonies in the fall, and creating a fern and hosta garden under the pine trees (transplant and divide)...and last but not least lots of mulching!!!
I'm very thankful that I am in good health and able to enjoy and do the things that I love.