Sunday, July 13, 2014

Amaryllis Spring 2014

 My beautiful amaryllis bloom from this past Spring in our AZ garden.
Unfortunately for me, I didn't stay long enough in AZ to enjoy the rest of our blooming amaryllises.
Maybe next year they'll bloom a little bit earlier before we leave for MN.
We'll see...until next year!


  1. The flowers...(can't spell their name.LOL.) are beautiful. My brother used to raise them in red. I visited your last few posts. The blue brunch post was nice. You should share on Blue Monday. I wanted to comment on the wine. I love your idea thanks for sharing the tutorial. I have been saving corks too. I want to do an initial of our last name. But I like your idea.
    Thanks for coming by and visiting me! Have a wonderful Sunday.

  2. The Amarylis are gorgeous and sometimes when I need to do a special arrangement I go out and buy them, as I love them! Thank you so much for the wine tutorial my friend and for your sweet visit.
    Have a nice week ahead.


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