Thursday, July 10, 2014

Wine Cork Project

Last summer I started saving our wine corks for a future project, and I finally had enough to complete one.
 While browsing through Rita's blog ~ May Days, I came across her wine cork memo strip project and was inspired to make one for our kitchen.

I used a yardstick as my base, and 
glued almost all of my saved wine corks onto it.
 I know you're jealous of our Harvest Gold Refrigerator...aren't ya!!!  LOL!
It's just perfect for this spot in the kitchen to pin our grocery list and other important reminders as we head out to run errands.  
It seems that I'm relying more on notes/lists to remind me of things to do or need to get!
By the way...
Note to Self: Get More WINE!!!
(No so much to drink, but for projects...hehehe...!)