Monday, July 7, 2014

Shirt Refashion

 Last summer I had my late mother-in-law's featherweight Singer sewing machine repaired.
I did so in hopes that I would get back and re-learn how to sew small baby quilts, maybe even try to make a simple summer dress, among other things.
 One of my first projects with this amazing machine has been to refashion shirts that were a little too tight or the sleeves were a little too short for my taste.
 I was lucky enough to stumble across this great tutorial by Adrianna from CrafterHours.
First, I made sure to read her directions and then follow them to a "tee"!  I have to say her tutorial was excellent!
 Now on this shirt I added extra length to the sleeves.  I have horrible arms, and like my sleeves a little longer.  I actually did these all by my lonesome self and super proud of it!!!
 This shirt was my "guinea pig"...hehehe...!
First off I did not measure the side panels...I simply just eyeballed it...and it really doesn't work that way.  I definitely learn from my mistakes.
Note to self: Follow directions!
 As I'm getting better and more comfortable with my sewing skills, I have ventured out and have made other alterations as well.
 I didn't like the long sleeves on this shirt, so off they went and made them shorter.
Pretty neat huh!!!
I'm just having a ball with this little machine and looking in my closet for more ways to refashion or alter my clothes!!!
Fun, fun, fun!