Thursday, July 17, 2014

Vintage Embroidery Hoop Art

While cleaning and organizing some drawers, I came across a very old raggedy embroidered throw pillow.
I tried to fix it, but it was beyond repair.
I couldn't bring myself to throw it away and saved it for a future use.
 My very talented late mother-in-law embroidered it.
 I had been spotting embroidery hoop art, and that's when the idea hit me of creating my own.
 This is the ugly leftover pillowcase which I have saved for maybe another use...who knows, I may come up with another project.  
 I placed the embroidered panel onto an embroidery hoop (again one of my late MIL's), and tightly tucked in the edges onto the back.  I didn't want to cut it out.
It was quick and easy to do.
For the time being, I have hung it on this wall; but I'm  not too sure if this is where it will stay. 

 However, I did like how I put these 2 frames together.  They used to be on separate walls, and I was never happy with the placement.  I think they go very well together here.
I have never been able to embroider.  I found it rather difficult, and that is why I admire this art form very much.