Friday, July 11, 2014

Floral Quality per Hubby

Last Friday, July 4th, was my late father-in-law's birthday. Hubby asked me to make a little flower arrangement for his Dad's grave.
 When Hubby came back from his morning run, he took a look at the flower arrangement I had made and paid me a compliment by telling me that the bouquet was "floral quality"...LOL!
 I went into our garden and I just cut some of our few blooming flowers and greenery.
 A precious hydrangea bloom,
 a couple of our roses and geraniums,
 a very aromatic lily, and 
 very sunny day lilies,

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  1. Your floral arrangement is so pretty especially coming from your own garden! How thoughtful of you to use for your late father in law. Have a nice weekend.


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