Tuesday, July 15, 2014

White Flowers

Tree or bush?
We have these bush/tree thing in our garden and we have no idea what it is!  Actually, they're 2 plants intertwined, but one gives these very pretty blooms.
 While in the garden, I was pruning this tree/bush thing and was ready to toss the cuttings into the bin...but it came to me that it would make a nice green floral arrangement for our mantel.
 I am glad I brought them indoors!  I used a milk glass vase that I found in one of the cupboards...and voila!
I love the pop of white it brings to our living room.
 After some research and asking around, we still don't know what it is.  I think that it might be dogwood???

 The paint on the wall was Hubby's choice, not mine!  Depending on the light, the walls change colors throughout the day.  I'm not too crazy about it :-(  Sorry Hubs.
I'm starting to think outside the box, and seeing things in a different light.  I ask myself, "What can this become, or how can I use it???"

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