Saturday, July 26, 2014

Enjoying Summer & WIP #1

So far this summer has been absolutely wonderful!
I have adjusted to being retired and having my very own schedule to do what I please!!!
So far I have several WIPs (works in progress) and hopefully before the summer is over, I will have completed most of them...if weather permits (rainy, muggy & hot, or tons of mosquitoes).
I have set aside working on a filet crochet tablecloth to work on making a pinkish hexagon quilt by hand.  It works pretty fast and keeps me busy while watching TV.  Unfortunately, I have to run to the fabric store and get more assorted pinkish fabric to continue working on it.
I just hope that while at the store, I don't get distracted and find something else to make. 
Although, I've been wanting to make a dress for myself, and since I'll be shopping for fabric maybe I can...