Saturday, July 5, 2014

Summer Blooming Front Porch

I'm enjoying my summer so far!
It's easy to do so when my gardening efforts have not been challenged!  I think it's so easy to grow just about anything here in MN (during the summer that is).
 I love this picture Hubby took of our front door steps!

 My little trike holding 2 small petunia pots.  I found this tricycle at a garage sale last year for only $3!  It reminds me so much of the one I had as a child.
 I love how the coleus is thriving here!  Back in the desert mine have never gotten this big and lush.  It keeps growing on a daily basis.  Can't wait to see how much it gets.
The basil is looking pretty sad.  I think I've been watering it too much or maybe it just needs more sun?!?
 I was ready to toss this chair away, but decided to keep it and use it as a flower pot stand.
 I still can't get over how beautiful the streets around here look with huge tall green trees covering and shading most of the roads.  Also, everyone has these huge lush lawns.  There's always someone mowing the lawn.
 This year I will have to divide my hostas.  I'm currently working on a spot for them in our backyard under these 2 huge pine trees.
 One thing about gardening here is that you need to maintain it just about on a daily basis.  There's always weeds to pull out, or you need to cut back some plants to let the sun reach others.  Unfortunately for me, mosquitoes have been out in force due to the rain, and these beasts find me so juicy & delicious, and won't leave me alone to clean our side garden.
 Hubby planted this side of the driveway maybe 4 years ago, and I think these year the hostas and lilies are at their best!
I plant this hydrangea late last summer, and I'm so amazed and happy that is doing so well.  I can't get over the fact that it's full of blooms and how big it's getting.