Saturday, July 12, 2014

Impromptu Saturday Brunch

The very first Saturday we arrived to MN, Hubby's Cousin Laura and her Husband, invited themselves over for brunch at our place.
They stopped by Byerly's and picked up 2
 delicious quiches, strawberries, champagne & Blood Orange juice for Mimosa's.
 While they were on their way, I pre-heated the oven for the quiches, made a quick spinach salad, and quickly set up our table.
 I love my late mother-in-law's Spode dishes!
 I draped the table with a vintage tablecloth I found last year at a garage sale.  I think I paid like a $1 for it!  I used some white simple fine linen napkins...again my MIL's.  The glass pedestal dish, I found at and estate sale last summer.
 While the quiches were warming up, Laura and I started on our Mimosas using only the best crystal in the house!
I have to say that after having a couple of Mimosas, I completely forgot to take more pictures of our lovely meal...hehehe...
we had a great time visiting and catching up though!
Thank you Laura & Jeff!