Thursday, October 22, 2015

Heart Coasters

About two weeks ago, I made these three quick and easy heart crochet coasters.  I thought it would be nice to have a couple of nice little handmade gifts handy to place in gifts, packages, or thank you cards.
I use this pattern to make them.  I made the first coaster following the instructions step-by-step, but the other two I kind of tweaked the pattern.  I added two extra rounds to actually make the hearts bottom more pointy (like a heart).  I was so engrossed making the changes, that I did not make written notations...argh!!!

This is the crochet coaster that started my inspiration in making them!
I received this pretty crochet coaster from Karren from Oh My Heartsie Girl, as part of my teacup gift package from her.
 I thought it was so dainty and so cute, and decided to make one myself.  Of course, one turned into...
another, and then tweaking the pattern.  I just added little picots to the shells on the finishing round.  And after making three of these cute coasters, it made me pursue in venturing out of my comfort zone, and making the heart coasters.
These were fun and quick to make and they look pretty, too!

Arizona Update
Things are running smoother now...yeah...knock on wood!

Yesterday, I met with our Church's Women's Guild weekly morning get together. It was a busy morning and it was so nice to get back to and feel useful!  I volunteered to become the new receptionist/welcome person for our group.  Not a hard job to do at all.  All I have to do is be there half and hour earlier (8:30 am) to greet the ladies as they come in and make sure they sign in, and also to welcome new comers (and potential new members) with a HAPPY and BIG SMILE!  I can do it!!!
The Guild is in full swing in getting ready for our yearly Fall Bazaar in less than two weeks!   Honestly, I was exhausted by the time I got home.

Hubby is obsessed in getting the formal living and dining rooms tiled!!!  So after many months of planning and finally both us agreeing on the tile, we decided to go ahead with the project.  Yesterday he met with the "tiling person" and has scheduled the job.  So in about a week or so, we will be moving furniture (what we can move) and all of my breakables (dishes, crystal, glass, knick knacks, etc...) out of the way!!!  I'm looking forward to it though!!!  I think it will make the rooms look so much bigger, and best of all our doggies will have more room to roam.  They are off limits to any rooms with carpet...hehehe!!!

Good news: We haven't run the AC in the last two days!!!  Days are so much cooler and so nice...still wearing shorts!


  1. Are you still in Minnesota? I love the doilies. I do not crochet, never got the hang of it. My grandmother did, and I have some of her pieces. I am trying to think of something to do with the edges of her old pillowcases. The cases are not nice at all, but the trim is!

  2. I recall seeing the doily and hatpins you received in the exchange. I have some pretty hatpins myself and wonder how I can use them. The heart doilies are charming and would be handy to have for gifts and tuck in special cards.
    Congrats on taking on a position in your women's guild, I wish ours met during the day as well.

  3. Oh I can see you have a real talent for crochet! These are beautiful and the receipent would be thrilled I am sure! Sounds as if you are enjoying Arizona and that warm weather. Lord willing we are heading south next week! Have a beautiful day, Lynn

  4. Oh my those are just gorgeous and like you said would make lovely gifts, I am still planning on what I am doing for gifts this year, thanks for sharing the pattern,

  5. The coasters are sooo pretty, Oliva! I love little gifts like that to tuck into packages or cards.

  6. Your coasters are beautiful, Oliva! Sounds like you are settling in just fine in Arizona!

  7. tus posavasos son preciosos. adoro el trabajo a crochet

  8. Glad the temps have cooled down Oliva. The heart coasters are so dainty and sweet. Good luck with your tiling project! Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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