Saturday, October 3, 2015

Pink Hat Scarecrow Lady

~continuing from Bachman's Fall Idea House post~
 Jan and I are at the Bachman's Fall Idea House backyard posing with this very attractive Pink Hat Lady!
The backyard is beautifully landscaped for fall!
The fireplace is absolutely stunning!
Jan and I fell in love with this garden shed turned into a cozy woman's getaway refuge!
The room was very rustic, but it was so romantically decorated.  I loved the hanging button strings, and Jan loved the little pink vase jars filled with flowers.  The floor was covered in gravel and had a nice outdoor rug in the center with an iron garden table on top of it.

This is the daybed at one end of the room covered with huge pillows and quilts, and soft little lights hanging from the ceiling wrapped in tulle.  We could have stayed there all afternoon drinking tea (since it was cool and rainy day).

  I say it's a woman's refuge because it has lots of pink and so very cozy!!!
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