Friday, October 16, 2015

Winter Home and Thrifty Finds

I'm back in Arizona for the winter, but it sure doesn't feel like autumn or winter!
It's sunny and warm and it feels good!!!  Our flight was a good one, and as we walked into our AZ home, it felt like we never left!

For today's post, it took place while I was still in Minnesota.
While out and about on the last weekend in Minnesota, I stopped at one garage sale and found 5 crochet doilies in excellent condition!
This doily is about the size of a dessert/salad plate, I thought it would make a great doily for my tea tray.
This small doily I'm using to display a tiny nativity that is out year round.
This swirly looking doily I placed on the coffee table in the living room.
This one I placed on the pie crust table, also in the living room, and finally...
this filet crochet one I placed on this very pretty carved folding table.
None of these doilies match, but I think it goes well with the decor in the living room.  Our furniture is pretty eclectic (old and vintagey...mostly handed down or inherited).

I paid 79 cents for the two small doilies, and about $1 each for the other three!  Like I mentioned before, they were in excellent condition (no tears or rips).  The minute I got home I washed, dried and ironed them, and knew exactly where to place them.

Hubby teases me that pretty soon he and our pets will be carrying a doily as well to fit in with our home's decor...whatever!

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