Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Not Your Father's Root Beer Floats

 This is definitely Not Your Father's Root Beer...delicious with a little buzz afterwards!

 This summer I was introduced to a new icy cold beverage called Not Your Father's Root Beer, and I have to say it's so delicious and so very refreshing...especially on a warm day!!!
It does contain beer by the way...5.9%!  What I like about this type of root beer was that it didn't have a beer taste...I'm not much of a beer my wine though!
We have enjoyed this new beverage in Root Beer Floats.  Just scoop your favorite vanilla ice cream in a tall glass and pour this unique root beer, and enjoy!

There are other brands of these type of root beer, but this is the only we have tasted so far.  I think this would make a great dessert at a grown ups only get-together!!!
I hope you get a chance to try it!!!

You're Gonna Love It Tuesday ~ Kathe With an E


  1. I just bought some yesterday! Ive tried the coney island one and everyone has said that the "Not your fathers" is better.. we shall soon see! happy Tuesday!

  2. Root beer float sounds so good, I have not had one in quite some time, at least a couple of years.... I don't care for beer so don't know if I would like it but my son in law enjoys a good beer, will have to tell him about it

  3. I've never heard of this root beer but that float looks so good. Thank you so much for your kind words to me. I really appreciate you.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)


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