Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Not Your Father's Root Beer Floats

 This is definitely Not Your Father's Root Beer...delicious with a little buzz afterwards!

 This summer I was introduced to a new icy cold beverage called Not Your Father's Root Beer, and I have to say it's so delicious and so very refreshing...especially on a warm day!!!
It does contain beer by the way...5.9%!  What I like about this type of root beer was that it didn't have a beer taste...I'm not much of a beer my wine though!
We have enjoyed this new beverage in Root Beer Floats.  Just scoop your favorite vanilla ice cream in a tall glass and pour this unique root beer, and enjoy!

There are other brands of these type of root beer, but this is the only we have tasted so far.  I think this would make a great dessert at a grown ups only get-together!!!
I hope you get a chance to try it!!!

You're Gonna Love It Tuesday ~ Kathe With an E