Tuesday, October 20, 2015

The Last of the Summer Hydrangeas

Right before we left Minnesota, our one blooming hydrangea was still full of blooms.  
So I decided to cut most of them and ended up with two full bouquets.  One bouquet for the office room, and

one for the living room,
above this corner hutch (right).

I just didn't want them to wither away and freeze outside in the beastly winter cold!!!

Arizona Update
Well...yesterday I had a couple of appointments and errands to run, and my car battery decided to just up and die!  It was 5 years old for crying out loud...What did I expect!?!  I had been so lucky it had lasted that long, and was not left stranded out in the middle of nowhere!!!

Hubby was out and about running his own errands and getting to his appointments as well, and I ended up having to call Roadside Assistance to get a jump start.

"So many men in my life, and not one of them are ever around when I need them!!!"
The story of my life I tell ya'.

The Roadside Assistance Guy finally showed up and gave my car a jump start, and it did was looking good so far...but NO it just wasn't good enough.  So I had to wait for Hubby to come home so that he could go out and get a new battery and install it...which he did...Thank God!!!

By the time my car was up and running almost like new, I was able to checked one thing off my long list: Take car to emissions.  Good News: It passed!!!  Yeah!!!
Okay...let's see how today goes!

Hope you all have a great day!!!