Saturday, October 31, 2015

Halloween Pocket Letter for Waunita

Happy Halloween and I hope you get lots of treats!!!
This is my Halloween Pocket Letter I made for Waunita.  We both participated in a Halloween PL swap for the month of October (Facebook Pocket Letter Pals Group).
The above photo was my sneak peek post on our Facebook PLP Group to show we were ready to mail out to our swap partner.  I like to give a sneek peak shot of what to expect for a surprise factor.
The completed front page of Halloween PL.
~back of Halloween PL~
I added a Halloween tag, and ...
a ghost cookie cutter, a black with gold polka dots glass magnet, and  ...
  other goodies!
~back of PL with the added goodies~
I just hope Waunita likes it!!!
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Hope you have a wonderful day!!!