Friday, October 2, 2015

Tea Cup from Karren

Yesterday morning I woke up to super HAPPY MAIL and it absolutely made my day!!!

Karren from Oh My Heartsie Girl sent me the most beautiful tea cup!  I think it is so dainty and I love the beautiful blue, rose and white flowers.  It makes me feel very feminine drinking my tea from it.
Karren and I participated in Stephanie's 7th. Tea Cup Exchange Swap at The Enchanting Rose.  Karren was my "Swap Partner to send me" a tea cup.
She not only send me a tea cup, but tons of beautifully wrapped goodies all tied up in ribbon and tulle!!!
This is silly, but I get all excited about nicely wrapped gifts :-)
I honestly felt like it was Christmas morning!!!
She included this beautiful dainty doily/coaster, and these gorgeous handmade hat pins!!!
You can't have a tea cup without tea and biscuits!!!
I hid the shortbread from Hubby.  He can devour it in seconds...I promise I will share with him though.
I have already used the tube of shower gel, and I have to say that I smell really good!!!
 Karren also included this very pretty crochet rose flower!
I swear she was way too generous!!!  I'm saving the Marion Blackberry preserves and Maple Syrup for this coming Sunday.  I am going to make a very special breakfast!
I placed the candle in our bedroom and it smells heavenly!
Isn't the card just pretty!  I want a pair of shoes just like those...and I just think the pinkt cover on the jar of preserves is just so adorable.
Last by not least, I found this adorable little notebook/journal!  It's like she read my mind...I so needed one!

I just want you to know that I have been so blessed in having you as my swap partner.  I appreciate you taking the time in selecting my pretty tea cup and all of  the beautiful and thoughtful gifts for me! You have really been way too generous and kind.
You have made me realized that I don't pamper myself often enough.  You reminded me that I'm a woman that loves pretty feminine things. 
Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart,

~Thank you Stephanie for hosting such a fun and beautiful swap!~