Friday, October 23, 2015

Thrifty Nifty Finds

On one of my last thrifty jaunts in Minnesota, I found the following little treasures!  I just love when right out of the blue I find things that I wasn't even looking for!
This is the cutest teapot and the perfect size for my daily afternoon tea!!!
I didn't have a teapot that I could call "my very own" back in MN.  It will be there waiting for my return next late spring.
We have some teapots left behind by my late in-laws, but I have never used them...I have no idea why...hmm...funny!
Now this teacup and saucer was my prize of the day!!!  I love blue and white china!!!
It is called Blue Danube Onion Pattern.
This particular blue is called cobalt blue.
I had been looking for a big simple sugar bowl, and BINGO there it was...nothing special (I think it's from Target), but perfect for our tiny coffee station.  Hubby LOVES his sugar in his coffee!

Arizona Update
Yeah...we are finally settled in Arizona!

I went to my Bunco group last night, and I was a BIG WINNER$$$  These group of Ladies are so much fun, and we have a wonderful time!  I got to meet three new wonderful ladies, and I'm looking forward to our next Bunco Night in December!

Right before we left Minnesota, we found out that Oliver (Big Boy Kitty) was a diabetic.  I was very sad and distraught over this; but the good news is that he's now on insulin and on a diabetic meal diet.  Supposedly cats can go on remission, and won't need twice a day daily insulin shots.  We're praying that this happens! 

Have a wonderful weekend!!!